Guard Removes More Waste

We understand that some demolition and construction jobs require more than a dumpster. If you’re cleaning out a rental property and need to remove and recycle televisions or large home appliances, Guard can take care of it. We’re even capable of taking old propane tanks, paint cans and mattresses off your hands. Guard also offers additional one-week rentals and street permits. For whatever needs to get thrown away, Guard can do it safely and responsibly.

Get What You Need from Guard

In addition to offering dependable dumpster rentals, Guard has a variety of services from soil loads to permits that ensure your job gets done properly.

One-Week Rentals

Street Permits
Non-Friable Asbestos (One-Ton Minimum)
Friable Asbestos (Three-Ton Minimum)
Liner Asbestos
Hardfill Loads
Soil Loads
Call for pricing.
Clean Wood Loads (Not Including Hauling)

Additional Item Removal Fees

Appliances Containing Freon
Liquid Paint Cans
Railroad Ties
Mattresses and Box Springs
$22 Each
Fluorescent Lights
$10 Each
TVs Over 27”
Monitors and TVs Under 27"

Protect Your Job Site the Right Way

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